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Hurricane Florence 2018

MRCL has boots on the ground in North Carolina and collaborators on the phones searching for under-served populations and areas.  Do you want to help?  Join us or donate today and make a difference in ensuring that NO ONE IS LEFT OUT. Read More>>

Hurricane Harvey 2017

We started amidst Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Texas Gulf Coast. We knew that lots of people needed help, and that many wanted to help, so we set out to build teams of people focused on pooling resources and networks to get much needed help to the hurricane’s victims. Since then, our mission has been to make sure no one gets left out!

Earth Day 2018

Miracle Relief Collaboration League joined many other organizations at this year’s Earth Day festival themed “Reclaiming Power”. Programming and activities focused around power: local power, human power, sustainable power, and much more! New interactive exhibits and hands-on activities made this year's Earth Day an unforgettable experience.